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Grant Powell

Central Midfield

I started off at Downham United as my first real team when I started secondary school where I met Danny Webb in school and he ask me to play for his team valley park rangers I played for them till I was 16 then got in to ten em bee football scholarship playing in the southern youth league while also playing for valley park rangers men’s team at 16 all with my best mate I went on to play for Lewisham borough and Stansfield in the Kent league and for Martins FC sporting on a Sunday after that I played and managed the men team for Eltham lions and winning the league with huge help from Martin Webb I then played and won the Sheppy league with HMP Stanford hill and met some great wasted talent there I came out and went back to Stansfield for a season but found a home at FC Forza Greenwich who all fully support the efforts of CALM84 FC and we are all marching on together!!!